Paws4Art is a fine arts studio, owned by partners Donnasue Jacobi and Fred Roessler. They have been creating fine art photography together since 1985. Fred creates his fine arts photographs using traditional film and darkroom processes. He concentrates on visual images to capture the character of older forgotten places and times. Fred also specializes in pet portraits and uses a digital camera for pet portrait montages that Donnasue uses to design a personal photography book of your day with them and your beloved pets. He loves working with dogs to create a lasting imagery of beloved pets. His photography is offered for private and corporate collections. Donnasue is also a print maker and book artist/designer. She combines her love of design, hand-bound bookbinding, and photography to teach fun art classes for most age groups and skill levels. She also accepts commissions for a wide variety of custom books and greeting cards for personal and business needs.

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What Is Book Arts?
My definition of what books arts is – a form of art, taking the shape of a book and expressing a story, thought, picture, or comment using varied materials. It can be a traditional book shape, or hang on a wall or be a sculptural object. The point is that you want people to look at, touch, and enjoy a “book” in a variety of designs and shapes, with or without words. I enjoy making books because I love the smell and feel of the papers, paint and glue – when combined, for me, it’s a scent of vanilla – and I love that making them can help me disappear into a world all my own.
Books Books
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Books Books
Books Books


From the Book Arts Web – a lengthy online conversation with many different perspectives and definitions. The following is the link to this online discussion and one person’s definition.

I tell people when they ask me what an artist's book is that I've never met two artists who agree on a definition, but for me, as an artist, it means a book or book-like object in which content is not limited to words alone--it is expressed in every aspect of the book or object from the words and images to the structure and type and printing method. Ideally, that is. Sometimes it isn't quite so.

 From Wikepedia:

Artist's book
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Twentysix Gasoline Stations, 1963 by Ed Ruscha

Artists' books have employed a wide range of forms, including scrolls, foldouts, concertinas or loose items contained in a box as well as bound printed sheet. Artists have been active in printing and book production for centuries, but the artist's book is primarily a late 20th century form. They are often published in small editions, though sometimes they are produced as one-of-a-kind objects referred to as "uniques."

This was a project for a class taken at the Pacific Art League in “how to prepare yourself for a solo show.” The class work included writing a bio, getting your resume complete and putting together a portfolio to present to a gallery. I chose a photographic project on the sunflower as a neighbor of mine had a small patch of volunteer sunflowers. After the project I wrote a book, researched the history, and make a jeweled tape binding and included my photos.

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Free photo shoots during 2013

Holiday Cards from your pooch
Sep 28 & 29 from11 a to 4pm, call to schedule your time – all pets welcome (and their humans).

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All photos are copyrighted ©Fred Roessler and ©Donnasue Jacobi, all rights reserved. See the contact information for licensing usage.
I also offer prints, singly or in folio sets, please contact me for more information.