Paws4Art is a fine arts studio, owned by partners Donnasue Jacobi and Fred Roessler. They have been creating fine art photography together since 1985. Fred creates his fine arts photographs using traditional film and darkroom processes. He concentrates on visual images to capture the character of older forgotten places and times. Fred also specializes in pet portraits and uses a digital camera for pet portrait montages that Donnasue uses to design a personal photography book of your day with them and your beloved pets. He loves working with dogs to create a lasting imagery of beloved pets. His photography is offered for private and corporate collections. Donnasue is also a print maker and book artist/designer. She combines her love of design, hand-bound bookbinding, and photography to teach fun art classes for most age groups and skill levels. She also accepts commissions for a wide variety of custom books and greeting cards for personal and business needs.

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Body Parts Gallery
Body Parts
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Candy Caddies

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Clay Monoprints
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Dog Portraits
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Dogs at Play
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Filoli Gardens

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Historical Towns & Parks
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Still Life

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Willowside Ranch

Using a Holga Camera

The Holga is a very cheap plastic camera with a cheap plastic lens, which uses 120mm film. It presents a few new technical challenges for those of us who are accustomed to traditional cameras with sharp lenses. The Holga lens tends to be more or less sharp in the center of the image and very unsharp toward the edges. The camera can be used to make either 16 images Holga Cameraper roll at 6" x 4.5" or 12 images per roll with 6" x 6" negatives, but the latter yields a vignetting effect in all the corners. The camera has only one shutter speed (approximately 1/60) and one aperture (approximately f8), and has a back that falls off if not taped or rubber-banded in place. Its weight and bulk are insignificant, and it's value so low, that you really CAN take this camera anywhere you go without worry. It really ENCOURAGES one to loosen up and play, and helps teach its users to enjoy life's happy mistakes. The panoramas are made by setting the frame counter at 16 but having the insides of the camera set up for square images. This allows an overlap of frames - the rest is up to you and your imagination and luck.

I’ve studied photography, painting and print making with Saelon Renkes, Steve Kiser, Ted Orland, Brian Taylor and Kim Weston, in private workshops, at Foothill College, and St. Mary's Art Center.

I've been exhibiting my work since 1994, on the web and in galleries, and it has been included in private collections. I'm currently living in Menlo Park, California (about 40 miles south of San Francisco), with my wife, Donnasue Jacobi (a professional dog trainer and artist). I exhibit my work in local galleries   when the opportunity presents itself. If you would like to be notified when I update my website or have a show coming up, sign up on my mailing list!

Contact Information: PAWS4ART
Donnasue Jacobi
P.O. Box 1545
San Andreas, CA 95249
PHONE: 209-754-907


Free photo shoots during 2013

Holiday Cards from your pooch
Sep 28 & 29 from11 a to 4pm, call to schedule your time – all pets welcome (and their humans).

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All photos are copyrighted ©Fred Roessler and ©Donnasue Jacobi, all rights reserved. See the contact information for licensing usage.
I also offer prints, singly or in folio sets, please contact me for more information.